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Reviewing all the relevant details of your trades will help you understand how successful you are as a trader, bitcoin what you are doing right and wrong, when and why you take winning or loosing trades, what and how should be improved.

im from germany and binance i loved the simplicity of binance. The reason is that they have to review the products because of the new crypto ecosystem. Staking was really nice and the interests where a lot. We might have it back in the future. Beside germany, the netherland and italy also banned futures and derivatives. Ive stopped using it after they closed SEPA transactions.

A trade journal is like a time machine: it allows you at any time to review your trades and their outcome, reflecting your strategy, state of mind and the market conditions before, during and after the trade.

La plateforme regroupe le plus d’utilisateurs et recense le plus de transactions en volume . Difficile de ne pas entendre parler de Binance lorsque l’on commence à s’intéresser aux cryptomonnaies.

The sole purpose of a trade journal is to provide you at any time with a clear picture for every trade you take. - What was the entry price, bitcoin stop loss and take profit? - How did the market looked before and after the trade closed? What were the potential risk and profit? - How do you feel before and after the trade? - How much of your account balance did you put into that trade? It should contain relevant details, such as: - What, when and why have you traded?

To calculate the funding you will pay or receive, you should first multiply your position size by the market price at the time when the funding will be exchanged (check countdown). After that, enter your position size in USDT and the funding rate and click the "calculate" button.

On Saturday, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned Binance Markets Limited—a British entity owned by the Cayman Islands-based Binance—from carrying out any "regulated activities" in the country. Customers can still buy and sell crypto on the parent company’s web site. On Friday, the Japanese Financial Services Agency issued Binance its second warning in three years that the company isn’t registered to operate in Japan. But they cannot trade in Binance’s crypto derivatives—financial instruments based on the value of crypto—since derivatives-trading is an activity regulated by the FCA.

What about the coin m trading in crypto? like on binance , they give us the option of longing or shorting with the coins that we already have , and not the cash , so is that halal or haram??

Binance est également la plateforme qui offre le plus de choix dans les cryptomonnaies (plus de 200) et dans les fonctionnalités. Cette dernière propose un panel d’offres plus avancé que sa concurrente avec la possibilité notamment de profiter des effets de levier et de trader des contrats futures.

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Nous avons déjà passé en revu les caractéristiques des cartes cashback Binance et dans des articles dédiés, mais qu’en est-il des autres fonctionnalités ? Vaut-il mieux s’inscrire sur ou Binance pour acheter des cryptomonnaies, pour trader ou encore pour placer ses cryptos ? Dans cet article, on vous répond point par point. Qui propose la meilleure carte cashback ? La plus facile à prendre en main ou encore la moins chère ? Quelle est la plateforme la plus sécurisée ?

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In 2019, btc 27.5% of all illicit bitcoin—bitcoin that went from criminal entities to exchanges—was received by Binance, according to a report by the research firm Chainalysis. No other exchange received more. Binance is also being investigated by the US Justice Department and US tax authorities, to determine if money launderers or tax evaders are able to use the exchange for their particular purposes.

any bitcoin that is exchanged on a platform that allows you to gable with futures, never gives you ownership of the bitcoin anyways. Only if you pull out your bitcoin from an exchange to a cold wallet, it is a real bitcoin that you have. you can not even do trade on an asset that has not been produced yet. This is true, yet- clearly you assume if you received bitcoin's it would halal? As it entails a factor of probability- (refer to Ashur's Treaties of Law.) Also you say, at 4:08 "it's as if a bet is placed" referring to receiving cash for a bitcoin settlement. (bitcoin is not a "coin," ownership of a coin means possessing the private keys- 12 or binance 24 words you- all coins are on the bitcoin blockchain.) Therefore, before withdrawal from an exchange you buy and sell the price of a coin like an ETF, rather than the asset itself. Also gambling can be done with bitcoin as well, as lighting network bitcoin casino's exist.

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